We are more than happy to answer your questions to help you understand your journey to better hearing.
Here are the most common ones.


We are more than happy to answer your questions to help you understand your journey to better hearing.
Here are the most common ones.

How long does a Hearing Consultation take?

Around the same amount of time as a full eye test, because just like an eye test, there must be a medical history to start with and then a full assessment of all of the parts of the ear – outer, middle and inner – not just the part you can see on the surface.  For this reason, we ask our patients to allow 60-90 minutes for a full and thorough consultation, although we hope not to take that long to be able to help you hear better.

I think my hearing is fine, yet others tell me that’s not the case?

Hearing loss is a natural part of aging, and since the aging process is gradual, in the vast majority of cases hearing loss is gradual too. Since human beings have an incredible capacity to adapt we gradually start making changes to cope with poorer hearing, which makes it harder to notice that it’s happening.

In addition to asking people to repeat themselves, here a just a few things that you might be inclined to do if your hearing isn’t what it once was:

  • Accuse loved ones, especially younger people, of ‘mumbling’
  • Position yourself so that the speaker is on your ‘good side’
  • Look at people’s mouths when they speak rather than their eyes (just because you have not been to a class for it, does not mean you don’t lip-read!)
  • Talk more than listen to cover up that you’re not always following what others say.
  • Using the subtitles on your Television
  • Avoid situations where hearing involves effort

If you recognise even one of these things then you should get your hearing checked sooner rather than later, not least because it may well just be a build-up of wax which might be easily removed. If it’s not wax then a hearing care professional can conduct audiometry to identify exactly what you do and what you don’t hear.

What if I don’t need help?

Then we will tell you! We want to spend our time helping those who need it, so there’s no point in us wasting your time or ours if you are unlikely to benefit from our services. We do, however, recommend that you continue to have your hearing checked on a yearly basis from the age of 55.

How much will it cost?

That’s a wee bit like asking a dentist how much it will cost to fix your toothache before they’ve looked in your mouth. You might only require a filling, or it could be an extraction or even root canal work. The nearest direct comparisons to those examples for your ears are wax removal, an assistive listening device and digital hearing aids.

A combination of our expertise and if appropriate, our week’s trial involving a data gathering process, which we believe is unique in the profession, will enable us to tell you what is best suited to your hearing, lifestyle, and cosmetic requirements. You can then choose what fits your budget and preferences.

We also offer 12 months interest-free credit, so we’re certain we can find a solution to fit your budget.

Will I need one or two Hearing Aids?

That all depends on the nature and extent of the hearing loss, though if both ears are not hearing well then there is no doubt that two hearing aids are better than one. There are many reasons for this.  

  • Localisation of where the sound is coming from – because naturally, sound will seem to come from the side that is hearing better
  • Sense of distance from sound source – important when crossing roads
  • Better hearing in background noise – imagine the noise is coming from the side that is aided and the person you want to hear is on the other side less volume is needed when the brain receives a signal from both sides, which means better clarity – a phenomenon known as ‘binaural summation’. 

If only one ear is affected, however, then you only need one instrument.
If you need two but only want one to start with, then that’s OK with us – however, although better than doing nothing, there will be limitations.

Can I change my mind about what I order?

Yes, if you let us know within 30 days we can exchange to a different model free of charge.  
Likewise, if you’re having difficulty operating an aid, we can exchange it for another style within 30 days.

Doesn’t the NHS provide hearing aids for free?

Yes, that is always an option you can consider. NHS audiologists do a wonderful job with the resources at their disposal. However the NHS provides a very restricted selection of instruments to make best use of Public funds, because it ‘bulk buys’ certain types of aids in order to get a better price (known as ‘economy of scale’). This means your chances of getting the best technology from the NHS to suit you as an individual can be quite challenging and the NHS isn’t going to be able to offer you the innovative products or the choice your local, independent audiologist can.

For example:

  • Rechargeable hearing aids – no more changing batteries!
  • Hearing aids that communicate directly with mobile phones
  • Remote microphones for when distance is an issue

Furthermore, we have no waiting listsno clinic queues and you never need to visit the hospital for any service we routinely provide. We will carry out all your rehab at home, if you prefer. 

Finally, around 80-90% of Private patients have already been through NHS provision and after their experience of it, they want something which is better suited to them, is likely to perform better and is often cosmetically more appealing.

What guarantees will I have?

In addition to warranties from the manufacturers (from 2-5 years depending on the model) we undertake to leave every patient not only happy with both the product and service they receive from us, but delighted with it, as our business relies on recommendations from happy patients. So far, we’ve managed to achieve that, and will continue to do so as long as patients are ready and willing to work with us to improve their hearing.  

Our business is family run, and we put all our valued patients at the very centre of our service.  We will treat each and every client like they were our own family and we believe this is what sets us apart from larger High Street retailers.

What If I’m still not happy?

All our hearing instruments come with a 30-day no-quibble, money-back guarantee. We want you to be an advocate of our services, so we will always treat you as the valued client you are, even if you don’t need anything – because chances are you know someone who will!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call on 0800 228 9997 or email us at [email protected]

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